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Technology & IT Sales Partners

Silent Storm Elite Works with Master Agents, VARs, Agents/Brokers, Professional and Managed Services Providers!


Silent Storm Elite’s Technology Sales Partner Program is designed to increase the profitability and efficiency of organizations involved in the sale of technology products and services. Technology sales partners engage with Silent Storm Elite as the sole source for all technologies, the source of of specific technologies to augment an existing portfolio/solution (telecom to hardware resale, etc.), consultants on specific technologies or industries – even the contract holders and expert negotiators for a specific carrier or technology provider.

How can we help your technology sales company?

Master Agents

Many master agents stay focused on the sourcing of telecommunications products and services as their well-defined sweet spot. And while you may be the expert at sourcing and negotiating telecom deals, administrative back-end processes and the integration/inclusion of other technologies as part of a solution may be a little out of your comfort zone. Silent Storm Elite can help you sell the whole bundle and then process the deals for you on the back-end, helping you capitalize on more revenue opportunities while not taking your eyes off the sales process or finding the next deal. We work with numerous master agents from around the United States, helping them make more money and become more operationally efficient than ever before!

Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Are you a traditional VAR that has sold hardware with services on top – getting things up and running, integrated and maintained until the next order comes around? Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to make more money off the same account over time by offering complementary services your customers already need to make your hardware solution work? How about being able to offer monetized services in between hardware purchases, streamlining your revenue line and adding a recurring revenue stream?

Are you a managed IT services VAR who offers a complete solution sale? Do you have network/telecommunications as part of the offering? What about cloud computing? Security as a Service? If you are missing a few components of that “solution sale”, Silent Storm Elite can help fill in the gaps – all under your brand – enabling you to win more deals and a larger share of wallet.


How much of your time do you spend on administrative tasks and how much time do you spend on actual selling? Which do you enjoy more? Where do you make the most money? Do you want to hold contracts with every carrier and provider your clients’ need? Silent Storm Elite can help shoulder the administrative and legal load while you focus on sales.

Professional Services & Consultants

Is your specialty offering feedback, insights and recommendations on existing IT systems, processes, staffing and other elements of an organizations’ IT environment? Do you uncover needs that you then refer a client to pursue on their own as they execute your roadmap? Working together with Silent Storm Elite, you can monetize this activity as we compensate for referrals while keeping peace of mind knowing you are sending a client to a vendor-neutral organization that doesn’t charge them a dime for helping source the services and technologies they need to succeed. You will also know that our team is well-versed in IT and can help your client mitigate risks, while staying focused on running their business.

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